At Paul's Donuts, we take pride in our obsession with perfection. Unlike many other donut shops, our donuts are hand-kneaded resulting in a lighter, tastier donut. Every donut is inspected before it is made available to the customer. If it doesn't meet our high standards, you shouldn't see it in your donut box.

Cake Donut Flavors

Plain, Chocolate, or White Iced
    (plain, with sprinkles, coconut or peanuts)
Devils Food
Double Chocolate
Orange Iced
Cherry Iced
and more

ice cream donut

Greeted with a smile and served both donuts and ice cream. Try one of our signature Donut Sundaes!

St. Peters printable menu

Edy's ice cream   Offering Edy's products at our St. Peters location

Yeast Donut Flavors

Chocolate Iced Custard or Angel Cream
Vanilla Iced Custard or Angel Cream
Strawberry Filled
Lemon Filled
Cherry Filled
Chocolate or Vanilla Iced Long Johns
    (plain or with sprinkles)
Plain Glazed
Cinnamon Roll
and more

donut, cupcake, danish

Fresh made donuts & bakery goods served daily with a dose of personality.

New Town printable menu